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Flood - Rising Waters

As a homeowner, condo-owner, or renter, you need flood insurance that protects your home and personal possessions, whether your situation involves low, moderate, or high risk for flooding.

We can provide this coverage at the level that's right for you. Flooding occurs in every state and can occur any time of the year.

Even if you live far from the coast or river, floods can be caused by factors such as heavy rain, clogged storm drains, and densely built housing and/or commercial developments.

Think you're not at risk for flood? Consider this:

  • Approximately 35 percent of flood insurance claims come from low risk areas.
  • Flooding occurs in every state and can occur at any time of the year. Federal disaster relief is available only if a federal disaster is declared, which occurs in less than half of all floods.
  • Flood insurance pays for your covered losses, even if a disaster is not federally declared.

Flood insurance policies can provide coverage for:

  • Flood damage to your home's structure as well as items like your air conditioner.
  • Flood damage to your furniture, rugs, appliances, and clothing (with limitations for basement areas).
  • Expenses you incur to protect your home against imminent flood damage by sandbagging or other measures.
  • Clean-up costs for covered items after a flood, including debris removal.

Affordable flood insurance options

Flood insurance may not be as expensive as you might think, and the benefits of coverage can vastly outweigh the costs of repairs and replacements. Properties located in low to moderate risk zones, may be eligible for a Preferred Risk Policy (PRP), a low cost option that will allow property owners and businesses to protect themselves against the devastating effects of flooding.

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