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Collection Insurance


What if...
...a heat wave or flood damages your wine collection?
...a shelf breaks and so does your crystal collection?
...a broken water pipe destroys your antique furniture collection?
...a home fire destroys your NBA sports memorabilia?
...your collection of fine artwork is stolen?
...guns from your collection are lost or damaged?
...your new fur coat is stolen or damaged?
...the diamond falls out of your engagement ring?

Did you know that you can insure all types of valuables whether it is your jewelry, fine art, antiques, coins, silver, or wine? We can find you the comprehensive coverage that safeguards your most precious possessions for loss or damage anywhere, home or abroad. You can decide to create a list and detail the replacement cost of each item, or you can purchase blanket coverage to insure the aggregate value of a collection of items such as a wine or art collection. This coverage is very broad, even applying to lost items. Often, there are no deductibles applied. Find your passion, then consult with an agent at Anderson Insurance Associates to determine the best approach for you.

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